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In Irons is an online magazine that seeks to celebrate the creative spirit and uniqueness found of people who live and work in Rhode Island. We interview entrepreneurs, artists, restaurateurs, and others about what motivates them, their process, the importance of embracing failure and risk, and why they choose to work in this state.


For those of us who call Rhode Island home, we see its value better than anyone else. Although it is often overlooked because of its small size, we know that it has more to offer than many realized. We love Rhode Island. We love the creative people who live here even more.


Due to our great love for both our state and the people who call Rhode Island home, we desire to draw attention to those individuals who are seeking to make a difference here, creating art, engaging in original work, and building relationships around the bay. Through it all, we hope you will be inspired in your own creative and artistic pursuits.

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